Friday, April 29, 2011

turtle soup....

Remember that book about the little boy who made soup out of his turtle? what book was that? the same kid that had to count out 200 cheerios for breakfast every morning? Fudge something? I don't remember....
I didn't make turtle soup, I actually made carrot soup, and it was heavenly!
If you don't like tomato soup (like me) that's ok, but this soup is basically tomato soup, but with carrots.

Make it like this:

some chicken broth (4 cups)
some carrots (4 big ones, or more)

Boil for about 15 minutes

pour into blender like a cup at a time and blend 'til smooth.

(Watch out it is very hot and hard to keep in the blender)

put back in your pot and add:

salt, pepper and heavy whipping cream (about a cup?)

(I used evaporated milk, because that's what I had and it was SOO YUMMY!)

heat through and enjoy!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cloth diapers are amazing!

So here's a few of the cloth diapers I have made, now that my son is almost ready to potty train I am looking to share my little bit of knowledge about these wonderful diapers!
they are SO simple and so much fun to make! and according to my math, you can diaper your child from birth to about age 3 (or potty trained) for about 140$ or less!!! That beats the HECK out of 1200$ in disposables! I sure could stand to get back some of the money I've spent on them!

the cloth insert is folded in the front for boys, and in the back for girls.

my son's back side, because that is usually the view I get... as he runs away, as fast as he can. :)