Monday, December 3, 2012

If someone asked my husband, “what does your wife do at home all day?” His reply today would be, “Well she’s taping string to the floor.”

Yeah, maybe I am a little strange. 

And maybe I do believe a lot of what this man says, but I am living proof that school cannot squash ALL the creativity out of a person. I thank my mom for that, she was always very encouraging through all my weirdness in inventing things or drawing or writing or really in any way that I chose to expend my creative juices.

So I would just like to say that though it may seem like a waste of time to create a maze on the floor out of string at home I am loving the opportunity to watch and learn with my son as well as be the example of how to use a little string and tape to have a good time. 

I created this blog a very long time ago in a lame attempt to log crafty things or post pictures of my cute kids.  I would like to try to use this space again, this time to show how we are “unschooling” at our house and trying to include the Thomas Jefferson Education Model to reclaim our education.

So today we made a maze. Beep LOVES to do them on paper so I thought I would make one big on for him to walk through.  He’s always asking me to make them out of blocks for his cars to drive through. I had taped a long piece of ribbon to the floor to see if he could “balance” on the straight line and he actually did really well.  So we took it a step further.  He didn’t really like the rule of walking between the lines, and rather enjoyed walking on top of them, but he had fun nonetheless.

Now hindsight, I would have used duct tape. It would have gone a lot faster and maybe be a little easier to see, but it's kind of fun in it's multi-colored way.  And I would just like to add that this is an awesome activity for many reasons: helps build coordination, learning left and right, following rules, but also the tape can easily be pulled up and stuck back down again (at least on my carpet) so you can use it again and again in the same day and create all kinds of new fun mazes or patterns on the floor! The possibilities are endless! Enjoy!

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